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TR063 Physical Sciences JF Module Choice Form

Change of Open Modules Semester 2

Students have the option to change their semester 2 Open Modules, you can do this by submitting this form stating that you have changed your semester 2 Open Module in the comments box provided. The closing date for submission of semester 2 Open Modules is Friday 28th January 2022. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email  for advice.

Student Details:

Please indicate that you have read the TR063 Physical Sciences Junior Freshman 2021/2022 Booklet: Yes No

  Module Code Module Title Semester Credits
PYU11P10 Physics 1 1 10
PYU11P20 Physics 2 2 10
MAU11S01 Mathematics 1 1 10
MAU11S02 Mathematics 2 2 10

Approved Modules - 10 credits per Semester
Please tick ONE of the options below

Inorganic & Organic Chemistry Semester 2 10
GSU11005 Introduction to Geology: A Beginner's Guide to Planet Earth Semester 2 10
BYU11102 From Organisms to Ecosystems Semester 2 10
All data collected from this form is used strictly for the purposes of obtaining student choices. This data is only available to the staff of the Science Course Office and will be retained for reference purposes only.