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TR063 Physical Sciences

Welcome to the Physical Sciences Stream at Trinity College Dublin

Degree awarded: B.A. (Moderatorship)

Degree type: Honours Bachelor Degree

NFQ: Level 8

Awarding Body: Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin.

CAO code: TR063

How to Apply

Did you ever wonder why your smart phone battery needs to be recharged? Our why planets and stars don't crash into each other? From particles to planets, from crystals to chaos, from quanta to quasars and from superconductors to supernovae, physics can explain and answer many of our questions and curiosities. Physical Sciences (TR063) at Trinity is a four year degree programme for students who like to solve problems. Whether it is studying galaxies, examining the potential of new lasers or investigating next generation nanomaterials, these Physics degrees will prepare you for a lifelong career of solving problems in research, industry or business.