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TR062 Junior Sophister

For those of you who entered the TR062 Geography and Geoscience programme, you now have to decide which Moderatorship subject (degree course) you wish to study.  For some this will be very easy, because you have known from entry which course you wish to follow. For others of you, the decision may require a bit more thought and this booklet is designed to furnish you with all the information you need to make your choice.

The TR062 programme is designed so that many sophister modules are available to students from both Moderatorships, reflecting the closely aligned nature of Geography and Geoscience. The distinctive nature of the two courses comes from the combination of subject material that can be taken alongside these shared modules. If you have developed an interest in studying Geography, spanning the physical, human and environmental aspects of the discipline, you are advised to select the Moderatorship in Geography. This will give you access to a wider range of Geography modules than are available to those selecting Geoscience, permitting you to pursue a broad programme in Geography or to specialise in a particular sub-field of the discipline. If your interests are more aligned with studying the physical, chemical and biological mechanisms of Earth system function, extending from contemporary processes through to those operating over deep time, you are advised to select the Geoscience Moderatorship which replaces the former Trinity degree programmes in Earth Science and Geology. This will give you access to a wider range of Geoscience modules than are available for those selecting Geography, allowing you to pursue a broad programme combining Physical Geography and Geology or to specialise in one of these areas.

Please read the TR062 Sophister Programme and complete the online form below. Students should submit the online choice of moderatorship form by Friday 30th April 2021.