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Human Genetics

The Human Genetics Junior Sophister course has a value of 60 credits, 30 in each semester, composed of the following:

  • CORE modules 40 credits, 20 in each semester.  CORE modules are compulsory. 
  • OPEN modules 20 credits 10 in each semester. Students choose one of three OPEN module scenarios (I, II, III)  listed below        

Students must read the Human Genetics programme and section A before completeing Section B

Section A:

Students must choose one of the three scenarios listed below. The scenario you choose will depend on the Trinity Elective you have been allocated and based on that allocation you will select one of the following (by clicking the button on the left side of the form below):
Trinity Elective in semester 1 = scenario I
Trinity Elective in semester 2 = scenario II
Trinity Elective in both semesters = scenario III

Submisson date for the JS Open module is no later than Friday 20th August 2021.

Students taking Human Genetics have a choice of open modules in scenario I as laid out in the table below.

Scenario I
Semester 2 (5 credits)
Module Description

BIU33250 Introduction to Immunology and Immunometabolism

BIU33475 Basic Neurobiology

Choose one module from semester 2 (click button to the left of the module in the form below)

Once you have read and understood section A you must then complete the form in section B.
If you have any queries please contact your course advisor Prof J Farrar

Section B:

Student Details:

Human Genetics JS Module Choice Form

  Semester 1 (S1) Semester 2 (S2)
  Core Modules

GEU33015 Molecular Genetics (5 credits)

GEU33215 Medical Genetics (5 credits)


GEU33007 Molecular Genetics Laboratory(5 credits)

GEU33285 Science Structure, Discussion and Presentation for Human Genetics (5 credits)


GEU33075 Evolutionary and Population Genetics (5 credits)

GEU33035 Genetic Analysis of Nervous Systems (5 credits)


GEU33025 Data Handling and Bioinformatics (5 credits)

GEU33008 Analytical Genetics Laboratory(5 credits)

Open Modules Scenario I

GEU33045 Genomics and Systems Biology(5 credits)

GEU33055 Developmental Genetics  (5 credits)            

  Trinity Elective (5 credits)

Immunometabolism (5 credits)
* Entry into this module will be subject to scheduling requirements of home moderatorship

Open Modules Scenario II

GEU33045 Genomics and Systems Biology(5 credits)

GEU33055 Developmental Genetics (5 credits)


BIU33150 Biochemistry for Biosciences (5 credits)

Trinity Elective (5 credits)
Open Modules Scenario III

GEU33045 Genomics and Systems Biology (5 credits)

GEU33055 Developmental Genetics (5 credits)

Trinity Elective (5 credits) Trinity Elective (5 credits)
All data collected from this form is used strictly for the purposes of obtaining student choices. This data is only available to the staff of the discipline office and will be retained for reference purposes only.