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CountriesUsing the table below supply the Russian for the following names of countries

  • Austria
  • Great Britain
  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mongolia
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • Ирландия
  • Франция
  • Испания
  • Великобритания
  • Норвегия
  • Германия
  • Италия
  • Швеция
  • Финляндия
  • Польша
  • Чешская Республика (Чехия)
  • Австрия
  • Украина
  • Турция
  • Япония

2) The Russian words you already know. Match the following Russian words and English-language definitions.

  • A country house or cottage in Russia
  • a fortified medieval Russian city; the most famous one is in Moscow and now houses the central offices of the Russian government
  • a Russian-made sub-machine-gun, used especially by terrorists and guerrillas
  • a traditional Russian musical instrument of triangular shape with three strings
  • a small sometimes moveable booth from which newspapers and cigarettes are sold
  • a Ukrainian, Russian and Polish soup based on beetroot
  • a violent and sudden uprising, political revolt; a coup d'etat
  • an alcoholic drink originating in Russia, made from grain, potatoes, etc
  • an extensive grassy plain usually without trees
  • an organised persecution or extermination of an ethnic group, especially of Jews
  • any of a series of Soviet artificial satellites; the first one orbited the earth in 1957
  • the capital of the Russian federation
  • the most prominant Russian ballet company
  • the policy of restructuring the Soviet economy under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev
  • the Russian-state airline
  • the Soviet secret police after 1954
  • the standard monetary unit of Russia
  • until 1917 the emperor of Russia
  • Аэрофлот
  • Балалайка
  • Большой балет
  • Борщ
  • Водка
  • Дача
  • Калашников
  • КГБ
  • Киоск
  • Кремль
  • Москва
  • Перестройка
  • Погром
  • Путч
  • Рубль
  • Спутник
  • Степь
  • Царь

Public AmenitiesSelecting your answers from the list of words supplied on the right, answer the following questions

Where would you go to:
  • attend a ballet?
  • attend a football match?
  • attend a lecture?
  • attend a play?
  • catch a plane?
  • catch an underground train?
  • dance the night away?
  • drink a cup of coffee?
  • have a drink?
  • have a meal?
  • read a book?
  • see a siberian tiger?
  • walk your dog?
  • get money?
Большой балет


Russian leadersSupply the English equivalent of the following Russian rulers. Their dates have been supplied to help you.

Владимир (980-1015)
Иван (1533-1584)
Петр I (1682-1725)
Екатерина II (1762-1796)
Николай II (1894-1917)
Ленин (1917-1924)
Сталин (1927-1953)
Брежнев (1964-1982)
Горбачëв (1985-1991)
Ельцин (1991-1999)
Путин (2000- )