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Evening and Short Lecture Courses

Božena Němcová and Key Moments in Czech Literary History

Time: Mondays 7:00-8:30 pm
Duration: 5 weeks
Course fee: €90
Lecturer: Dr Jana van der Ziel Fischerova

This course considers some of the most significant Czech books and authors from the nineteenth century to the present. As this year we are marking 200 years since the birth of Božena Němcová, one of the most iconic figures of Czech cultural history, our first session will be devoted to her. We shall, among other things, discuss her novel The Grandmother (Babička, 1855) – a book that has come out in more than 300 editions and still holds a very special place in the nation’s heart. The rest of the course will be devoted to a discussion of other key works of Czech literature, partly in relation to Němcová – whose life’s work has inspired some interesting artistic responses. Contemporary perceptions (both professional and popular) of Němcová’s legacy will also be considered.
It is our aim to follow the course with a seminar-discussion with a major Czech writer as well as a screening of a movie or documentary related to the topic of the course, as soon as it becomes safe to do so.

Online lecture schedule:

16 November:             Božena Němcová and the nineteenth-century Czech national revival; The Grandmother (Babička, 1855) as a key work of Czech national literature

23 November:             Czech literature and culture between the world wars; importance of the avant-garde; place of The Grandmother in the postwar, post-independence context

30 November:             Under siege: Czech literature and censorship under the Nazi occupation; The Grandmother as a national treasure

7 December:               Božena Němcová in the works of writers, dramatists and filmmakers; author of beloved fairy-tales

14 December:             Contemporary Czech literature and culture; Němcová as an inspirational trailblazer

Please complete the downloadable Enrolment Form and email to Nadia Browne by Wednesday 11th November 2020