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Joint Honours (admission from September 2019)

How to apply for Modern Languages

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At entry, Russian is combined with one other subject. Please see available combinations here

In later years, you will be able to select additional subjects and electives and will have the option to graduate with Russian as a Single Honours degree, a Joint Honours degree with another subject, or a Major with a Minor.


If you are interested in studying Russian, please see our brochure.

"I wasn't sure about choosing to study Russian at Trinity, but I'm so glad now that I took that leap! Studying Russian is like getting a secret key, not only to an interesting culture and literary tradition, but also to a deeper understanding of one of the most important geopolitical actors of today. It's really changed the way I look at the world, and having Russian on my CV has always been very positively picked up on in interviews!" (EO'L, 2017)

"Before choosing to study Russian in Trinity I had absolutely no experience with the language and limited knowledge of the culture. I chose it because of its global importance and because it was a total mystery to me. This decision was not easy, but I am so glad that I was drawn to Trinity’s Russian course. After one year of intense language learning I was overwhelmed by the rapid progress I had made. What seemed daunting at first was now second nature. It’s this quick progress that motivates you to continue upward in second year and gives you the confidence to live in Moscow after 2nd or 3rd  year. If I could say anything about the Russian course it would be that your year in Russia is worth every little hardship you may face at the start. Russia changes you as a person. It changes your values, it changes the way you perceive the world, it completely opens your mind and eyes. 
Russian in Trinity is far more than just a language. The course produces rounded, grounded, intriguing and open minded graduates that have huge courage and curiosity. Furthermore, there is a world of opportunities out there for Irish Russian speakers. The support network that you gain within college, in Moscow, and through other alumni is something that makes Russian different to any other language in Trinity. There’s a closeness there, like a family who want to see you succeed. 
I can’t recommend it enough." (OB, graduate of 2017)


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