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50 Years of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin - 1962 - 2012

The School of Psychology, TCD celebrated 50 Years of Psychology at Trinity in 2012 with a number of special events running throughout the year. 

Psychology 50 Master Classes

The School hosted a public lecture series throughout 2012 with guest speakers from the School of Psychology, TCD and other eminent academics and professionals from the field of Psychology. A full list of lectures can be viewed here.

Happy? - Wellbeing across the lifespan

In an interactive ‘Lab in the Gallery’ event hosted in partnership with Trinity College’s Science Gallery in May 2012, the School explored factors that shape happiness and how these intersect with culture, innovation, health, creativity, successful ageing, entrepreneurship and social cohesion.   Attendees at this event were given the opportunity to participate directly in scientific research into wellbeing, mood, identity, altruism and happiness. A number of experiments and exhibits were run by researchers of the School of Psychology that examined how mood, satisfaction and perceived wellbeing are influenced by a range of different factors.

TCD Psychology Alumni Dinner – 14th September 2012

The School hosted an alumni dinner on 14 September 2012 in the College Dining Hall. This was the first time such a dinner had been held since the 30th anniversary in 1992. The dinner was attended by the Provost and graduates from as long ago as 1969, as well as a number of former staff. Attendees found it to be a wonderful opportunity to reunite with former classmates and teachers. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening – and the kind of occasion that we must ensure occurs on a more regular basis in future.

Special 50th Anniversary Edition of the Irish Journal of Psychology

Celebrating Fifty Years of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin: A Special Issue of The Irish Journal of Psychology (Eds: R.M.J. Byrne, R.G. Carson, & B. Hannigan,  2012, Vol 33, Issue 2-3). 

A special issue of the Irish Journal of Psychology has been published to celebrate the School’s 50th anniversary (  It contains ten brief articles by members of the School of Psychology that comprise reports of new empirical research as well as reviews of theoretical developments in several of the key domains of psychology that are represented within the School.

The Special Issue contains the following articles:

Pereda-Banos, A., Garavan, H., & Byrne, R.M.J. (2012). Switching attention incurs a cost for counterfactual conditional inferences.  

Salomone, S., Shanahan, J.M., Bramham, J., O’Connell, R.G., & Robertson, I.H. (2012). A biofeedback based programme to improve attention and impulsivity in adults with ADHD.  

Barrett, M., Cullen, B., Maguinness, C., Merriman, N., Roudaia, E., Stapleton, J., Stienen, B.M.C., & Newell, F.N. (2012). A glance back on 50 years of research in perception.

FitzGerald, M.C., Carton, S., OKeeffe, F., Coen, R.F., & Dockree, P.M. (2012). Impaired self awareness following acquired brain injury: Current theory, models and anatomical understanding.  

Hadfield, K., & Nixon, E. (2012). Comparison of relationship dynamics within stepmother and stepfather families in Ireland.  

Yorke, L., & Swords, L. (2012). Advances and challenges in participatory research with vulnerable children in Ireland.  

Hevey, D., Wilczkiewicz, E., & Horgan, J.H. (2012). Type D moderates the effects of expressive writing on Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) following Myocardial Infarction (MI).  

Trimble, T., Hannigan, B., & Gaffney, M. (2012). Suicide postvention; coping, support, and transformation.  

Hand, K., & MacLachlan, M. (2012). An unequal balance? The effects of unequal pay systems on societal motivation in Ireland.  

McDonald, N., Corrigan, S., Morrison, R., & Leva, C. (2012). Achieving impact through human factors research.