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Political Science and Geography (TR029)

Last intake in 2019-20, prospective students please visit the Joint Honours Political Science page. This course will appeal to students who hope to develop a critical understanding of the relationship between the Earth's natural and human phenomena and its political institutions and systems.


What is Political Science and Geography?

The two disciplines have been associated through the sub-fields of political geography, which covers geographical differences in voting patterns, for example, and through geo-politics which examines how the great powers influence other parts of the planet.

In the context of globalisation, interdisciplinary understandings of socio-environmental issues are becoming increasing key to solving the problems of the future such as political instability in parts of the developing world as a result of climate change, for example. Environmental politics, and the politics of the environment, are becoming ever more important.

Course Structure

During the first three years students take both subjects on an equal basis and then choose in the final year whether to continue studying both (joint honours) or to concentrate on either Political Science or Geography (single honours).

In the first two years you will take twelve modules that will each require attendance, on average, of two hours of lectures and one tutorial per week. In second year there is the option of replacing one political science module by broad curriculum or language modules, while in third year there is the opportunity to study abroad at a university outside Ireland.

In the final year there is a reduction in the number of modules required to allow greater depth of study and more independent work.

Is it for me?

If you are interested in the disciplines of Political Science and Geography and you hope to develop a critical understanding of the relationship between the earth's natural and human phenomena and its political institutions and systems, then this may be the course for you.

Career opportunities for graduates lie in fields such as public and European affairs, overseas assistance, resource management and risk assessment, the supply of environment-related advice to governments and industry, the study and practice of environmental policymaking, and teaching and higher education. The possibilities are boundless - our alumni pages give an indication of some of the careers followed by Political Science graduates.