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Gender and Politics

Module Code: POU44311

Module Name: Gender and Politics 2022-23

  • ECTS Weighting: 5
  • Semester/Term Taught: Semester 1
  • Contact Hours: TBC
  • Module Personnel: Lecturer - Lisa Keenan

Module Learning Aims

This module aims to build students’ understanding of the myriad ways in which sex/gender matter for how we think about and study political life.

Module Learning Outcomes

The core learning aims for this module are as follows:

  • Understand how sex/gender influence how we define and understand social and political issues;
  • Explore obstacles to representation for women in political life, as well as the associated strategies to address them;
  • Consider whether the relevance of sex/gender varies across other categories of difference (social class, race, ethnicity etc.).


Module Content

This course examines the importance of sex/gender in political life in cross-national perspective. A large part of the course will study the obstacles that women can face when seeking positions of power (from parties, from voters, from the media etc.), as well as policies that aim to remove or lessen such barriers. However, it will also explore topics such as women’s social movements and the gender gap in voting behaviour. In addition, the course will ask whether the numeric (or descriptive) representation of women guarantees their substantive representation. The module finishes by asking whether the relevance of sex/gender varies across other categories of difference (social class, race, ethnicity etc.).

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Recommended Reading List (TBC)

Detailed readings for each topic will be provided on the module syllabus. Some key readings are:

  • Ford, L. (2010). Women and politics: The pursuit of equality. Nelson Education.
  • Inglehart, R., & Norris, P. (2003). Rising tide: Gender equality and cultural change around the world. Cambridge University Press.
  • Norris, P., & Lovenduski, J. (1995). Political recruitment: Gender, race and class in the British Parliament. Cambridge University Press.
  • Lovenduski, J., & Norris, P. (Eds.). (1996). Women in politics. Oxford University Press.
  • Tadros, M. (Ed.). (2014). Women in politics: gender, power and development. Zed Books Ltd.

  • Assessment Details (TBC)

    • One essay (40%)
    • 90-minute exam (60%)

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