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The Trinity Trust Prize

There are three prizes for SS undergraduate students of Political Science: the Patrick Keatinge Undergraduate Prize (first awarded 2013), the Eddie Hyland Prize (first awarded 2018), and the Trinity Trust Prize (first awarded 1981). There is one prize for JS students of Political Science and Geography, the James Killen prize (first awarded 2015). There is one prize for SF students of Political Science, the Ronald J Hill prize (first awarded 2016). In addition, an annual Basil Chubb Prize, named after Trinity's first Professor of Political Science, is awarded by the PSAI for the best PhD thesis produced in an Irish university.

The Trinity Trust prize was contributed by Trinity Trust in 1980 and first awarded in 1981. The prize is awarded annually to the moderatorship student in BESS or PPES (that is, students whose programme allows the option of studying both subjects jointly) with the best overall marks in single honors Political Science, single honors Sociology, or joint honors Political Science and Sociology. Value, €77.

Recipients (Political Science):

  • 2020: Sarah Dell (BESS)


  • 2019: Alice Whelan (PPES)


Professor Will Phelan, Head of Department Political Science, presents 2019 award to Alice Whelan, 29 May 2019.



  • 2018: Theo Halpin (PPES)

  • 2017: Fiona Campbell (PPES)

  • 2014: Barry Price (BESS)

  • 2013: Alana Ryan (PPES)

  • 2012: Eleanor Friel (PPES)

  • 2011: Ian Power (BESS)

  • 2009: Claire Kinsella (BESS)

  • 2008: Beatrice White (BESS)

  • 2007: Jennifer Brett (BESS)

  • 2006: Amy Preston (BESS)

  • 2005: Carmel O'Sullivan (BESS)

  • 2004: Harry Wake (BESS)

  • 2003: Ian Carroll (BESS)

  • 2002: Katherine Moles (BESS)

  • 2001: Róisín Cronin (BESS)

  • 1999: Will Goodbody (BESS)

  • 1996: Louise Owens (BESS)

  • 1994: Dominic Power (BESS)

  • 1993: Matthew Bowden (BESS)

  • 1992: Colin Nesbitt (BESS)

  • 1991: Anne-Marie Holohan (BESS)

  • 1990: Seán Ó Riain (BESS)

  • 1989: Sara Morris (BESS)

  • 1988: Barbara Desch (BESS)

  • 1987: Colm McKeogh (BESS)

  • 1984: Colette Cowlard (BESS)

  • 1981: Nan Kennelly (BESS)