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Current Students

Student Name/Email Title of Doctoral Thesis Supervisor
Djordje Milosav Currently completing mandatory coursework Michelle D'Arcy
Clara Faulí MolasCurrently completing mandatory coursework Emanuel Coman
Audrey PlanCurrently completing mandatory coursework William Phelan
Ailbhe RiceCurrently completing mandatory coursework Jesse Dillon Savage
Daniel Ohrenhofer Currently completing mandatory coursework

Thomas Chadefaux

Eman Abboud Explaining Variation in Migration Flows: An Examination of Political Drivers of Migration from and within Africa Michelle D'Arcy
Marta Antonetti Measuring Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Surrounding Female Political Leaders in Comparative Perspective Gail McElroy
Miceal Canavan Explaining Variation in Identity Complexity and Its Effect on Political Preferences Gizem Arikan
Michele McArdle Explaining the Variance in the Likelihood of Within-region Ethnic Violence Jesse Dillon Savage
Samuel Johnston Defining the Nation in Pursuit of Votes: Explaining the Variation in Nationalist Political Party Appeals

Emanuel Coman

David Moore Explaining the Variation in Individuals' Conspiratorial Beliefs: The Effect of Exposure to Emotive Conspiratorial Messaging in the Media Constantine Boussalis
Christian Oswald Explaining and Predicting the Adoption, Timing and Location of Terrorism in Civil Conflicts Thomas Chadefaux
Giulia Saydon Interest Group Influence in Public Consultations: Fossil Fuel Producers and Environmental Policy Raj Chari
Oguzhan Turkoglu Essays on Forced Migration and Civil Conflict: Explaining the Effect of Rebel Groups on Displacement Thomas Chadefaux
Eleonora La Spada Explaining Variation in Governments' Response to Dissent: The Effect of Fragmentation of Challenging Groups Jesse Dillon Savage
Kevin Lacourse Political Obligation to Foreign Entities: An Investigation of Post Bellum Provisional Authority Peter Stone
Andrea Salvi Explaining the Variation in Sub-national Diffusion of Civil Conflict: Reactive Violence, Ethnic Networks and Military Strategies Thomas Chadefaux
Marco Schito The Politics of State Aid in the European Union: A Multi-Method Approach to Explain Variation in Aid Disbursement Raj Chari

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