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European Election Study (EES) Trend File

This is a beta version of a set of pages explaining and making available the data from European Parliament election studies run in almost all EU countries in 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2004.
All these files are saved as Stata files. Also available is the   trend file "trendEES.dta". This  contains ONLY the variables that appear in more than one EES study (year). There is also a combined EES file ("combinedEES.dta"). This contains ALL of the variables from all four EES studies.
These are also made available as SPSS files, but there are no do-it-yourself SPSS command files that combine the basic EES files in any way. This trend dataset can also be created by placing the four individual EES data files (1989, 1994, 1999, 2004) in the same working directory as the Stata file "", and then running that file. Obviously a user could adapt that script to produce a wider or narrower selection of variables within the trend file. A user can also generate this by running the script " This puts such a file called ("combinedEES.dta") in the working directory.
There is another Stata file "Political Parties Link File.dta". This contains within it unique party identifier codes in the Trend data et with corresponding codes from the CMP project, Euromanifestos, ZEUS codes from the Eurobarometer Trend File and PPMD dta file collected by Benoit and Laver.
The EES trend file is currently in the `beta' testing mode, so bugs are still most likely to be present. With feedback from `beta' version testers these bugs can fixed quickly.

EES Trend File (STATA) EES Trend File (SPSS)
Combined EES File (STATA) Combined EES File (SPSS)
EES 2004 (STATA) EES 2004 (SPSS)
EES 1999 (STATA) EES 1999 (SPSS)
EES 1994 (STATA) EES 1994 (SPSS)
EES 1989 (STATA) EES 1989 (SPSS)
Compilation .do file (STATA)  
Political Parties link file (STATA) Political Parties link file (SPSS)


Please report any bugs to Slava Mikhaylov (






Last updated: Jan 25 2018