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Irish Elections 1922-44

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This page contains information about the book Irish Elections 1922-44: results and analysis. ISBN 0-9519748-1-5

The book was published in 1993 by PSAI Press. PSAI Press is the publishing arm of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI), which was founded in 1982 and put on an institutional basis in 1984 as the professional organisation of the study of politics in and of Ireland.

It was the first in the PSAI Press series 'Sources for the Study of Irish Politics'. The second in the series was Irish Elections 1948-77: results and analysis, published in 2009 (details).


What it's about

It assembles the full results of all elections to Dáil Eireann, the lower house of the Irish parliament, from 1922 to 1944. These results were never officially published and were available only from local and provincial newspapers. It also contains analysis of each election, summaries of votes, percentages and seats for each election, lists of TDs (members of parliament) elected at each election, information on defeated TDs and women TDs, analysis of transfer patterns, members of government appointed after each election, and the full results of all by-elections held in the period, along with a comprehensive list of TDs 1922-1944.

Elections to Dáil Eireann are held under the PR-STV (proportional representation by the single transferable vote) electoral system, and the volume provides an account of PR-STV in operation as well as constituting an indispensable record of Irish political history over the first twenty-five years of the independent Irish state. For arguments for and against retaining PR-STV as Ireland's electoral system click here.


How to obtain

As from February 2023, this book has been free to download in pdf form.

Download in three separate files: front cover (4.4 Mb), body of book (9.5 Mb), back cover (3.4 Mb); or in just one file (16.8 Mb).






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