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Friday Seminar Series 2022-23

Seminars take place from 4 - 5pm at 1.04, 1-5 College Green, Dublin 2


(where specified below) on Zoom:

Dr Jeffrey Ziegler
Department of Political Science,
1 College Green
Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2


Friday seminar guidelines for Ph.D. presentations (PDF, 308 KB)

Hilary Term

Date Presenter(s) Title
23rd September 2022 Dr Manuel Vogt Elite Networks and Ethnic Civil Conflict in Post-colonial States
30th September 2022 Dr Cathrine Holst Leave it to the experts? Expertise, policymaking and democracy
21st October 2022 Dr Matthias vom Hau The Information Capacity of States, Ethnic Diversity, and Social Development
4th November 2022 Dr Gloria Gennaro Televised Debates and Emotionality in Politics: Evidence from C-SPAN
11th November 2022 TCD PhD students
  • Clara Faulí Molas
  • Sinéad Harrington
  • Djordje Milosav
  • Representation of environmental issues in the European Parliament. From the campaign to the plenary
  • A Change Would Do You Good: Party Competition Dynamics and Responses to Electoral Failure
  • No way to go, nowhere else to pay: The effects of visa policies on citizens’ willingness to pay the taxes
18th November 2022 TCD PhD students
  • Callum Craig
  • Amelie Freiberg
  • Audrey Plan 
25th November 2022 TCD PhD students
  • Markéta Odlová
  • Jan Liedtke
2nd December 2022 Dr Miguel M. Pereira What Drives Politicians to Act on Climate? A Field Experiment in Six Countries
27th January 2023 Dr Oguzhan Turkoglu  
3rd February 2023 TCD PhD students  
10th February 2023 Dr Anne Rasmussen  
17th February 2023 Dr Ana Catalano Weeks The Political Consequences of the Mental Load
24th February 2023 Dr Lena Masch  
3rd March 2023 Dr Adam Scharpf  
24th March 2023 TCD PhD students  
31st March 2023 TCD PhD students  
14th April 2023 Dr Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom