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Friday Seminar Series 2019-20

Friday seminars take place from 4 - 5pm in room 4.02, fourth floor, 3 College Green, unless announced otherwise. The seminars will run from 13th September to 29th November 2019 (no seminar 25th October) and from 24th January to 3rd April 2020 (no seminar 6th March).

Dr Roman-Gabriel Olar
Department of Political Science,
3 College Green, Rm. 6.01
Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 896 1070

Friday seminar guidelines for Ph.D. presentations (PDF, 308 KB)

Michaelmas Term

Week Date Presenter(s) Title
MT - 1 13th September 2019 Dr Rahul Sambaraju (TCD)

I wouldn't say I'm totally engaged in politics, but I'd…’: Attending to and managing accountability for political participation

MT - 2 20th September 2019 Dr Katerina Tertytchnaya (UCL) ‘This rally is not sanctioned’: Preventive repression and protests in electoral autocracies
MT - 3 27th September 2019 Dr Anthoula Malkopoulou (Uppsala) Three Models of Democratic Self-defense: The Greek Case
MT - 4 4th October 2019 Dr Michael Neblo (OSU) "I Hear What You're Saying": Bi-Directional Influence in Directly Representative Democracy
MT - 5 11th October 2019 Dr David Doyle (Oxford) Opting out of the social contract
MT - 7 25th October 2019 Reading Week  
MT - 8 1st November 2019 Dr Gerald Schneider (Konstanz) If Russia were in Africa: Analyzing the Double Bias of EU and U.S. Sanctions
MT - 9 8th November 2019 Dr Despina Alexiadou (University of Strathclyde) Revolving-Door Politics and Income Inequality: A Study on the Role of Finance Ministers in Europe
MT - 10 15th November 2019

TCD PhD students:

  • Andrea Salvi
  • Marco Schito
  • On the beaten path: Violence against civilians and simulated conflict along road networks
  • State-business relations and the automotive industry: a comparison of state aid politics in Italy and Britain
MT - 11

22nd November 2019

TCD PhD students:

  • Eleonora La Spada
  • Kevin Lacourse
  • Oguzhan Turkoglu
  • Understanding The Impact of Within-Movement Fragmentation on the Use of State Repression: the Case of the Bodo Movement in India
  • Autonomy, Equality, and Presumptive Benefit: Fair Play as a Liberal Theory of Political Obligation
  • LOOK WHO PERPETRATES VIOLENCE: Explaining The Variation in Forced Migration
MT - 12 29th November 2019

TCD PhD students:

  • Giulia Saydon
  • David Moore
  • Christian Oswald
  • Interest Group Influence through Public Consultation: Fossil Fuel Producers and Environmental Policy
  • Explaining the Variation in Individuals’ Conspiratorial Beliefs: The Effect of Exposure to Emotive Conspiratorial Messaging in the Media
  • Explaining the timing and location of government escalation in civil conflicts: Evidence from Yemen


Hilary Term

Week Date Presenter(s) Title
HT - 2 24th January 2020 Dr Stefanie Reher (University of Strathclyde) How Do Voters Perceive Disabled Candidates? Evidence from a Survey Experiment
HT - 3 31st January 2020

TCD PhD students:

  • Michele McArdle
  • Eman Abboud
  • Samuel Johnston
  • Quo est Pax Federala? Explaining the variance in the likelihood of within-region ethnic violence
  • Explaining variation in migration flows: an examination of political drivers of migration from and within Africa
  • Choose Your Target Wisely: Explaining the Variation in the Use of Nationalist Appeals in Contemporary Europe
HT - 4 7th February 2020 Dr Kristen Harkness (University of St Andrews)

Ethnic Stacking in Africa: When Leaders Use Ascriptive Identity to Build Military Loyalty

HT - 5 14th February 2020 Dr Scott Gehlbach (University of Chicago)

A Model of Censorship and Propaganda

HT - 6 21st February 2020

TCD PhD students:

  • Marta Antonetti
  • Miceal Canavan
  • Will She Run? Explaining the Variation in Women’s Political Ambition Through Personality Traits and Attitudes Towards Political Gender Equality
  • SO FAR FROM BRITAIN, SO CLOSE TO A UNITED IRELAND: The politics and rhetoric of identity in Northern Ireland
HT - 7 28th February 2020 Dr Andrew Harris (NYU - Abu Dhabi)

Ethnic Bias in Judicial Decision-making: Evidence from the Kenyan Appellate Courts

HT - 8 6th March 2020 Reading Week  
HT - 9 13th March 2020

TCD PhD students:

  • Djordje Milosav
  • Clara Faulí Molas
  • Audrey Plan
HT - 10 20th March 2020 Dr Ora John E Reuter (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)  
HT - 11 27th March 2020

TCD PhD students:

  • Ailbhe Rice
  • Daniel Ohrenhofer
HT - 12 3rd April 2020 Dr Raynee Gutting (University of Essex)