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Science without Borders - Brazil Projects

Applicants who wish to apply for PhD study within the School of Physics Trinity College Dublin and for funding under the Science without Borders scheme must first agree upon a research project with the relevant Supervisor.

Below is a full list of the PhD projects currently on offer in the School:

  1. Atmospheric Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films, Lunney
  2. Bubble Formation in Electric & Magnetic Fields, Mobius
  3. Development of 2D and 3D Arrays of Magnetic Sensors based on Spin-Valves and Magnetic Tunnel Junctions, Stamenov
  4. Development of Broadband SQUID-based Ferromagnetic Resonance Spectrometer using Precession Cone-Angle Detection, Stamenov
  5. Foams for Paper Making, Hutzler
  6. Hole Mobility In Substituted Transition Metal Oxides, Shvets
  7. Magnetic Effects on Gas Nucleation, Coey
  8. Magnetic Simulation of Structured Neuronal Circuits, Coey
  9. Magnetisation Dynamics, Stamenov
  10. Magnetoresistance in Ggraphene with Ferromagnetic Superstructres, Krstic
  11. Magneto-Spintransport in Doped Carbon Nanotubes, Krstic
  12. Materials Genome, Sanvito
  13. Metal-Insulator Transitionsa Surfaces And Interfaces Of Highly Localised Conductors, Shvets
  14. Narrow Linewidth Lasers for Communications, Donegan
  15. Physical Economics, Hutzler
  16. Plasmonic Structure for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording, Donegan
  17. Plasmonic Structures for Colour Printing, Bradley
  18. Probing Chemical Bonding in Transition Metal Oxides & Fluorides Through Symmetry Selective X-Ray Spectroscopies, McGuinness
  19. Production & Optoelectronic Characterisation of Topologically Chiral Nano-Metals, Krstic
  20. Spin-Orbit Effects in Graphene-Based Materials, Ferreira
  21. Surface Evolver Simulations of Soap Film Configurations, Hutzler
  22. Templating of Self Assembled Organic Thin Films On Plane & Stepped Surfaces Using Heteroepitaxial Organic Molecular Semiconductors Andor Covalently Bonded Nanomeshes, McGuinness
  23. Testing Theoretical Models of Stellar Mass Outflows, Harper
  24. The Arrangement of Soap Bubbles in Confinement, Hutzler
  25. Theory of Polariton Lasing in Photonic Structures, Cross
  26. Theory of Polariton Lasing in Photonic Structures, Eastham
  27. Tunnel Junctions, Sanvito