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Recommended Textbooks

The following is a list of textbooks recommended for the various courses given by the School. It includes only textbooks specifically named by the lecturing staff responsible for the courses in question.

PY4P01 Quantum Physics

  • Quantum Mechanics, by McMurry, Addison-Wesley
  • Quantum Mechanics, by A I M Rae

PY4P02 High Energy Physics

  • Particle Physics, by Martin and Shaw, Wiley
  • Introduction to High Energy Physics, by Perkins, Addison-Wesley

PY4P03 Condensed Matter II

Part I: Metal Physics and Superconductivity

  • Introduction to Superconductivity, by Rose-Innes and Rhoderick, Pergamon

Part II: Semiconductor Devices

  • Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology (2nd edition), by Sze, Wiley
  • Electronic Devices and Components, by Seymour, Longman

PY4P04 Nanoscience

  • "Introduction to Nanotechnology", Poole and Owens, Wiley
  • "Quantum Semiconductor Structures", Weisbuch and Vintner , Academic Press

Other more research focussed books that cover electronic properties are:

  • "Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems", Datta, Cambridge
  • "Mesoscopic Electronics in Solid State Nanostructures", Heinzel, Wiley
  • "Mesoscopic Systems: fundamentals and applications", Murayama, Wiley

PY4P05 Electromagnetic Interactions II

Part I: Optical Communications

  • Fundamentals of Photonics"- , Saleh and Teich. Wiley
  • Optical Fibre Communications, by Senior, Prentice-Hall
  • Part II: Electromagnetic Theory

  • Electromagnetism by Pollack and Stump, Addison Wesley
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, by Lorrain, Corson and Lorrain, Freeman

PY4P06 Photonics

  • Optical Processes in Semiconductors by Pankove , Dover
  • Optical Properties of Solids by Wooten, Academic Press
  • Quantum Semiconductor Structures, by Weisbuch and Vinter, Academic Press

PY4P07 Advanced Topics


  • Introduction to Polymers (2nd edn.), by R.J. Young and P. A. Lovell, Chapman and Hall
  • Textbook of Polymer Science (3rd edn.), by F.W. Billmeyer Jnr., Wiley Interscience
  • Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials (2nd edn.), by J.M.G. Cowie, Blackie
  • Introduction to Polymer Science, by H-G Elias, VCH

PY4A05 Cosmology

  • Course text: Introduction to Modern Cosmology, by Andrew Liddle, 2nd. edition, Wiley

Theoretical Physics

PY4T01 Condensed matter Theory

  • Electronic Structure of Materials, A. P. Sutton, Oxford University Press, ISBN 019851754
  • Bonding and structure of molecules and solids, D. Pettifor, Oxford University Press, ISBN 019851786