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Module PY4T02 Electron and Photon Physics

Cohort: SS Theoretical Physics

Credits: 5

Lecturer: Professors P. Eastham, J.M.D. Coey

Duration: Hilary Term, Quantum Theory of Light and Matter, 12 lectures, Metal Physics and Superconductivity, 12 lectures

Assesment: End of Year Exam.

Description: Part I: Quantum Theory of Light and Matter: Planck distribution, shot noise, photon counting statistics, Possonian, sub-Poissonian and super-Poissonian light, mode expansion of the field and cavities, quantization of the field, stimulated emission and lasing, operators for the electric and magnetic fields.  Number states and their field distribution. Origin of vacuum fluctuations. Coherent states and their properties. The Jaynes-Cummings model, vacuum Rabi splitting, Rabi oscillations.

Part II: Metal Physics and Superconductivity: This course provides a basic account of the phenomena and theory of superconductivity and its applications, including high-Tc oxide superconductors. Resistivity of normal metals: impurity scattering, temperature dependence of resistivity due to electron-phonon scattering. Superconductivity: zero resistance, Meissner effect, thermodynamic treatment of the phase transition. Energy gap from specific heat and tunneling. Type I and II superconductors. Phenomenological Ginzburg-Landau theory. Penetration depth. Cooper pairs. Correlation length. Results of BCS theory Flux quantization, tunneling, ac and dc Josephson effects.