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Module PY4P05 Electromagnetic Interactions II

Cohort: SS Physics, SS Physics and Astrophysics

Credits: 5

Lecturer: Professors C. Patterson and W. Blau

Duration: Michaelmas Term, Electromagnetic Theory, 12 lectures, Hilary Term, Optical Communications 12 lectures

Assesment: End of Year Exam.

Description: Part I: Electromagnetic Theory: A continuation of the JS electromagnetic theory course, with emphasis on electromagnetic waves. Maxwell's equations and the electromagnetic potentials, EM waves. Plane monochromatic EM waves in unbounded media: (a) vacuum or insulator, (b) ohmic conductor, skin effect. Electromagnetic energy, Poynting's vector. Reflection and refraction of EM waves at a plane boundary. Bounded em waves: waveguides. EM radiation due to an oscillating electric dipole.

Part II: Optical Communications: Waveguiding in planar waveguides.Modes in planar waveguides. Waveguiding in optical fibres.

Modes in optical fibres. Intermodal and intramodal dispersion in optical fibres. Loss in optical fibres fibres. Choice of suitable optical fibre materials to minimise both dispersion and loss.
Semiconductor lasers. Key requirements. Semiconductor laser design.
Gain guided semiconductor lasers. Index guided semiconductor lasers.
Materials for semiconductor lasers for optical communications.
Detectors for optical communication systems. Materials and design issues for optical communications detection. Optical fibre communications systems including digital modulation, noise, fundamental limits.

Lecture Notes: Optical communications: see Blackboard
Lecture Notes Electromagnetic Theory