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Module PY4P04 Nanoscience

Cohort: SS Physics, SS Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials, SS Theoretical Physics (optional)

Credits: 5

Lecturer: Professor J. Coleman

Duration: Hilary Term, 20 lectures

Assesment: End of Year Exam.

Description: Introduction to nanoscience; what is nanoscience, debunking nanomyths, classical size scaling, intermolecular interactions, DOS and dimensionality, Moore's law - Fabrication and analysis at the nanoscale; thin film fabrication, lithography and etching, colloids, microscopy, spectroscopy - 0D nanostructures; nanoparticles, structure, electronic properties, semiconducting nanoparticles, molecular nanostructures - 1D nanostructures; nanotubes, electronic properties in 1D, transport, applications - 2D nanostructures; quantum wells, graphene - Nanotechnology; nanomachines, the future.