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Module PY4P03 Condensed Matter III

Cohort: SS Physics, SS Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials

Credits: 5

Lecturer: Professors J.M.D. Coey, P.S. Stamenov

Duration: Hilary Term, Semiconductors, 12 lectures, Metal Physics and Superconductivity, 12 lectures

Assesment: End of Year Exam.

Description: Part I: Semiconductors: Construction techniques for devices. The planar process, diodes and bipolar transistors. Integrated circuit design. MOSFETs, LCDs and compound semiconductor devices, including Gunn devices and heterojunction transistors.

Part II: Metal Physics and Superconductivity: This course provides a basic account of the phenomena and theory of superconductivity, and its applications including high-Tc oxide superconductors. Resistivity of normal metals: impurity scattering, temperature dependence of resistivity due to electron-phonon scattering. Superconductivity: zero resistance, Meissner effect, thermodynamic treatment of the phase transition. Energy gap from specific heat and tunnelling. Type I and II superconductors. Phenomenological Ginzburg-Landau theory. Penetration depth. Cooper pairs. Correlation length. Results of BCS theory Flux quantization, tunnelling, ac and dc Josephson effects.