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High Energy Physics

This is a 24 lecture course (including four tutorials) covering introductory theoretical and experimental aspects of high energy physics.

Cohort: SS Physics, SS Physics and Astrophysics, SS Physics and Computer Simulation, SS Theoretical Physics

Credits: 5

Lecturer: Professor C. McGuinness

Duration: Michaelmas Term, Hilary Term, 24 lecture course (including four tutorials)

Assesment: End of Year Exam.

Description: An introduction to the theory and experimental investigation of fundamental particles and their interactions. Quantum numbers and conservation laws. Resonant states. Neutral K-mesons. CP violation. Unitary symmetry schemes for hadron classification. The quark model. Exchange interactions and Feynman diagrams, with applications to strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions in the standard model. Survey of experimental techniques and results on Charm, Beauty and Top quark searches. pp physics and the W and Z mesons. Neutrinos and electroweak mixing. Results from LEP. LHC and the standard model.

Lecture Notes: PY4P02 Lecture Notes