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Module PY4N07 Advanced Topics for Nanoscience

Cohort: SS Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials

Credits: 5

Lecturer: Professors C. McGuinness, J. Coleman, H. Zhang

Duration: Hilary Term, Thin Films, 12 lectures, Polymers, 12 lectures, Diffraction, Imaging, and Spectroscopy of Nanostructure, 12 lectures.

Assesment: Students select 2 topics from the 3 topics offered.

Description: Thin Films (CMcGuinness): Lectures cover the following topics: basic concepts, surface crystallography, surface spectroscopy, adsorption, growth energetics, epitaxy basics, epitaxy models, general thin film growth, specialist thin film growth, nanostructures.

Lecture Notes

Polymers (J Coleman): In this course we study polymer physics starting with an introduction to polymers, moving on to energetics of polymer-polymer and polymer-solvent interactions and the configurations of polymer chains. We study polymers in bulk ie in the liquid and solid phases, focusing on the physical properties of polymers, in particular viscoelasticity and mechanical properties. Finally we look at advanced polymers such as Kevlar and spider silk.

Diffraction, Imaging, and Spectroscopy of Nanostructure (H. Zhang): Crystallographic calculation, metric tensors, reciprocal space, components of electron microscopes, diffraction in electron microscopy, selected area electron diffraction, image formation, Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, Electron energy loss spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope, scanning helium-ion microscope. Secondary electron imaging.