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PY4A05 Cosmology

Cohort: SS Physics and Astrophysics, SS Theoretical Physics (optional)

Credits: 5

Lecturer: Professor B. Espey

Duration: Hilary & Michaelmas Term, 20 lectures

Assessment: Continuous Assessment 50%; End of Year Exam 50%.

Description: Starting with basic cosmological observations and the basic  postulates of the Cosmological Principle, this course derives far-reaching  results using Newtonian principles. The basic three equations of cosmology  are used to study the evolution of the Universe, baryogenesis, and the growth of  structure. Theory is compared with the most recent observational results  concerning Dark Matter and Dark Energy, together with possible future  observational and research directions.

Course text: Introduction to Modern Cosmology, by Andrew Liddle, 2nd. edition, Wiley