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Module PY3P03 Condensed Matter I

Cohort: JS Physics, JS Physics and Astrophysics, JS Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials, JS Theoretical Physics

Credits: 5

Lecturers: Professors I. Shvets

Duration: Michaelmas Term, Crystal Structure: 14 lectures, Thermal and Electronic Properties: 16 lectures

Assesment: End of Year Exam and Continuous Assessment

Part I: Crystal Structure: Crystal systems, Bravais lattices, unit cell parameters, translational and rotational symmetry elements, point groups, space groups, Miller indices. The reciprocal lattice. X-ray and neutron scattering. Laue conditions, Bragg's Law. Diffraction patterns and their interpretation. Crystal field explained using the example of 3d electronic wavefunctions. Crystal defects. Points defects. Variation of the crystal field caused by point defects. Jahn-Teller effect. One-dimensional defects: dislocations. Energetics and thermodynamics of defects. Equilibrium density of point defects.

Part II: Thermal & Electronic Properties: Plane waves in free space and in crystals, Bloch functions, Brillouin zones and diffraction in crystals, crystal binding.  Atom dynamics in crystals.  Electron dynamics in crystals, Free electron model, Nearly free electron model.  Real metals, semiconductors and insulators.  Electron and hole concepts.  Thermal and electric conductivities.  Lattice and electronic contributions to heat capacity.  Umklapp processes and anharmonic effects.

Lecture Notes