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Module PY3A07 Experimental Techniques for Astrophysics

Cohort: JS Physics and Astrophysics

Credits: 5

Lecturers: Professor B. Espey, Mr. J. McCauley

Duration: Hilary Term, Electronics: 14 lectures, Astrophysics Instrumentation: 14 lectures

Assesment: End of Year Exam and Continuous Assessment component (for Astrophysical Instrumentation only).

Part I: Electronics: Electronic components. Power supplies. Computers and interfacing. Sensors and transducers. Control systems. Noise in electronic systems.

Part II:  Astrophysical Instrumentation: Telescopes and optical instrumentation. Observational limitations, aberrations, the effects of the atmosphere. Active and adaptive optics. New technology telescopes. Optical detection techniques. Optical interferometry. Basic concepts of radio astronomy. Receiver systems and detectors. Radio interferometry. Overview of different types of telescopes and detection techniques for other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum: infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma-rays