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PYU44P04 Nanoscience

Hilary Term – 24 lectures/tutorials – 5 credits (J Coleman)

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the structure and properties of nanoscale systems, i.e. those with reduced size in one, two and three dimensions
  • Use mathematical and physical models to describe the properties of such systems and make predictions about their behaviour
  • Describe the outcome of simple experiments involving nanoscale systems and use physical models to interpret the data
  • Draw comparisons and find commonalities between various types of nanomaterials and generalize as to how their structure determines their properties


Introduction to nanoscience; what is nanoscience, debunking nanomyths, classical size scaling, intermolecular interactions, DOS and dimensionality, Moore's law – Fabrication and analysis at the nanoscale; thin film fabrication, lithography and etching, colloids, microscopy, spectroscopy – 0D nanostructures; nanoparticles, structure, electronic properties, semiconducting nanoparticles, molecular nanostructures – 1D nanostructures; nanotubes, electronic properties in 1D, transport, applications – 2D nanostructures; quantum wells, graphene – Nanotechnology; nanomachines, the future