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PYU33P01 Quantum Mechanics I 

Michaelmas Term – 30 lectures/tutorials – 5 credits (M Ferreira)

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Recognize the need to extend the concepts developed in classical Physics to account for what happens with matter at the atomic and sub-atomic levels
  • Identify when a problem requires the use of quantum-mechanics concepts and when it can be solved by standard classical theories
  • Operate with the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics, in particular, linear algebra and wave mechanics
  • Solve basic problems of Quantum Mechanics with regards to how a quantum particle behaves under the action of a few simple force potentials
  • Apply perturbation theory to describe more complex and realistic systems in terms of those simple force potentials

Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics: description of quantum states and dynamical variables, eigenvalue equations, superposition principle, expectation values. Solution of Schrödinger equation for 1-dimensional systems: SHO using ladder operators, Kronig-Penney model. Angular momentum: calculation of spectrum using ladder operators, orbital angular momentum and parity, spin. Solution of Schrödinger equation in 3 dimensions: the hydrogen spectrum. Time independent perturbation theory.