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Module PY1F01 Foundation Physics for Earth and Life Sciences

Cohort: JF Science (Foundation Physics), JF Earth Sciences

Credits: 10

Lecturers: Professors M. Hegner, M. Möbius, L Jones

Duration: Hilary Term, 44 lectures/tutorials, practical laboratory, homework

Description: An introduction to physics of motion, biomechanics, physics of hearing and seeing, electricity and magnetism and bioelectricity, radioactivity, nuclear physics and related medical applications, heat, pressure and fluids and their biological, geological and medical applications.

Recommended text: Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences by K. Franklin, P. Muir, T. Scott, L. Wilcocks and P. Yates, Wiley, 2011.

Assessment: One three hour examination (Answer six questions from the 9 available, a minimum of one from each instructor) (carries 60% marks). Homework (carries 10% marks), Laboratory assessments (carries 30% marks)

JF Physics notice board: SNIAM, 1st floor, top of stairs

General Information about the course and lecture notes for all Foundation Physics for Earth and Life Science lectures: see TCD BlackBoard