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Wide Bandgap Photonic Structures

CuCl is an ionic, wide bandgap semiconductor. Because its lattice constants closely match those of silicon thus CuCl and Si create very promising material system. The optical properties of copper chloride are also very interesting. The bandgap energy is of 3.4 eV at room temperature which is comparable to bandgaps of GaN or ZnO for instance. CuCl has been widely researched for many years because of another interesting property very high exciton binding energy of 190 meV. This value is much higher than for competing materials and much above room temperature thermal energy. It makes CuCl potential candidate material for highly efficient UV/blue lasers, low threshold polariton lasers etc. working stable at room temperature and above. Before attempt of building such devices materials has to be thoroughly characterised first. Our attention is focused on optical properties of copper chloride.


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