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European Southern Observatory Participation

The Irish research community has not had full access to observing facilities since the end of the last agreement in 2002. Currently the Government is undertaking a review of future science programmes and investment in international facilities, so now is the time to make your voice heard.

The national astronomy community considers that membership of the European Southern Observatory is its highest priority both for the development of the subject, the training of new scientists, and in terms of providing Irish industry the right to compete for contracts. Work has started on the next phase of ESO, which involves the construction of a telescope with a 37m diameter mirror, which will be the largest in the world and involve cutting-edge optics and quantum detectors.

The Government is keenly aware of public opinion. We request that you support the astronomy community by taking a few minutes to fill out the petition at the link below. Please feel free to share the link with others.

Link to petition