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The School of Physics is proud to be affiliated with a number of successful spin-off companies.

Below are a list of some of these companies:

Miravex Ltd.

Miravex limited is specialised in the areas of optics and image analysis and its first product – the Antera 3D® – is an imaging device for the analysis and evaluation of skin’s health targeted to Aesthetic Doctors, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. Visit website

Magnetic Solutions Ltd.

Magnetic Solutions' products are used by computer memory manufacturers to build most of the world's hard disk drives and many semiconductor devices as well. Research and development labs and universities worldwide also use their systems to develop future products and materials.

Deerac Fluidics

Deerac Fluidics' innovations have enabled their customers to enhance personalized medicine programs, streamline DNA/RNA diagnostic testing, optimize drug discovery pipelines and accelerate life science research. Labcyte customers have published papers in peer-reviewed journals and received patents that clearly demonstrate discoveries and results that would have been impossible with traditional liquid-handling approaches. Visit website

Eblana Photonics

Eblana Photonics has its origins in advanced research programs in photonics involving Ireland's leading Universities and Research Centres including Trinity College Dublin and the National Microelectronics Research Centre (now Tyndall National Institute). Eblana has solid links with Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, Tyndall National Institute and other global centres of expertise in laser physics and semiconductor device fabrication. In addition our pivotal role as lead supplier of laser components to EU sponsored research projects means that we remain at the forefront of technological developments in photonic systems for advanced communications and other sectors. Visit website


Cellix is an Irish company that has developed a ground breaking microfluidics drug screening tool currently being used by over a third of the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide. By operating under continuous blood flow conditions, the Cellix platform simulates the human environment providing researchers with powerful data far beyond that available via static conditions of the petri dish before advancing to costly animal trials. By using our solution, false leads can be eliminated earlier in the process, increasing the success rate of clinical trials and giving you the competitive edge. Visit website