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Group Member

Dr. John Anastasopoulos

Post Doctoral Research Fellow



Dr. John Anastasopoulos received his PhD in “Development of CNT-based membranes for wastewater treatment and SERS study of the membrane efficiency and eventual contamination caused” from the Department of Chemical Engineering of University of Patras in collaboration with FORTH/ICE-HT in Greece. His research focused both on the fabrication of polymer membranes and the subsequent incorporation of Carbon Nanotubes studying different approaches; and on the use of the Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering technique for the quantitative analysis of CNTs and of low-molecular-weight organic compounds. Prior to that, he completed a Master at the Interdepartmental program in Polymer Science and Technology studying the application of SERS in the controlled drug release from polymer matrices, after his graduation from the Department of Chemistry of University of Patras.

Recently, John joined the group as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow studying the formation of porous polymeric membranes for use in lateral flow diagnostics.