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Group Member

Pierce Maguire

Postgraduate Student
Twitter: @maguirpi


I graduated with a degree in Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials from TCD in 2013 and rejoined the group in September 2013. I have completed research projects with this group and in the Department of Materials, Imperial College London, under Dr A. Porter.

My achievements include winning 2nd prize at the Winter Enrichment Program, KAUST, Saudi Arabia in 2013. I was invited to attend based on nanotoxicology research while at Imperial college. In 2014 I was also awarded a prize by the school of physics for my teaching of undergraduate students in labs.

Last year, I represented physics (about 100 students) in the graduate student's union, serving on the school executive amongst other committees. My main focus in this time was on improving orientation for incoming students. Within our group I maintain the group website. I have been a member of the Institute of Physics since 2009.

My previous work and interests have allowed me to develop skills such as wet chemistry, scanning electron microscopy, focused ion beam microscopy, UV and optical spectroscopy, optical microscopy, plasma emission spectroscopy, website maintenance desktop/laptop construction/repair, LaTeX, Microsoft office and more.


My research is related to the high resolution patterning of nanomaterials using electron and ion irradiation and hence the characterisation of these modifications. My focus is on the nanoscale patterning of 2D materials. I am fortunate to have access to cutting edge equipment including the Zeiss Orion microscope and the group's expertise.

Selected Publications