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Group Member

Dr Robert O'Connell

PostDoctoral Researcher
University of Limerick


In 1999 I received B.Tech in Electronic Systems from the University of Limerick. Since then I have been predominately working within the semiconductor industry with suppliers of electron microscope based metrology and failure analysis solutions, most notable of which being FEI.

Before joining the Ultramicroscopy group in 2012, I spent the previous 8 years working as a microscope support engineer specialising in FEI's range of Scanning Electron Microscopes and Focused Ion Beam systems.


My research focuses on effectively utilising electron and ion microscope technologies to correlate and quantify semiconductor dopants, in the atomic scale. As part of this research the need to determine the contribution of artifacts, such as hydrocarbon contamination and native oxides, are studied in great detail. Microscopy areas of my expertise and proficiency include, SEM, FIB, AFM, HIM, and TEM.


In August 2013 I was awarded best poster in the materials research category at the Microscopy Society of Ireland's annual symposium for my work entitled "Understanding Carbon Contamination in the Helium Ion Microscope".

Selected Publications