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Dr. Danny Fox

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


I graduated from Dublin City University with a BSc in Applied Physics in 2009. I joined Prof Zhang's research group, the Photonics and Nanofabrication Group, at Trinity College Dublin in 2009 and received my PhD in 2013. I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the AMBER research centre in Trinity College.



My research is focused on direct, top-down, fabrication of novel nanostructures and modifying the properties of 2-dimensional materials at the atomic scale. Much of my early work was done on Graphene. My focus is now on molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), as well as other similar layered materials such as the other transmission metal dichalcogenides. To achieve this I use a range of focused electron and ion beams. The Helium Ion Microscope (HIM) is a recent development which is ideally suited to this type of fabrication due to its ~0.35nm beam size and has been the subject of much of my research.


To understand the effects of the irradiation of 2-dimensional materials with charged particles a wide variety of techniques are employed. For example Raman spectroscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) are used for structural analysis and Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) and Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) are used to determine elemental composition.


  • Title:
    • Sub 5 nm Graphene Nanopore Fabrication by Nitrogen Ion Etching Induced by a Low-Energy Electron Beam.
  • Authors:
    • Daniel S Fox, Pierce Maguire, Yangbo Zhou, Cornelia Rodenburg, Arlene O’Neill, Jonathan N Coleman & Hongzhou Zhang.
  • Source:
    • Nanotechnology [accepted] (2016)
  • Title:
    • Nitrogen assisted etching of graphene layers in a scanning electron microscope.
  • Authors:
    • Daniel Fox, Arlene O’Neill, Dan Zhou, Markus Boese, Jonathan N Coleman & Hongzhou Zhang.
  • Source:
    • Applied Physics Letters (2011)