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Principle Investigator

Principal Investigator

Dr. David Mc Closkey
Research Fellow
School of Physics & CRANN
Trinity College Dublin

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Prof David McCloskey is an Ussher Assistant Professor for the Science of Energy and Energy Systems in The School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin.


David McCloskey graduated with a BA.Mod in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin. He obtained a PhD in integrated optics and plasmonics with the Semiconductor Photonics Group. Since then he has spent time working in Institute de Sciences Photonique (ICFO) Barcelona, Institute Fresnel, Marseille and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in US. He leads the NanoThermal research Group (NRG) in the new Energy Theme in the School of Physics. His current research interests are in thermal conduction, convection and radiation in micro and nanoscale systems. His goal is to utilise nanotechnology to structure materials on the length scales of the heat carriers in these processes (electrons, phonons and photons and liquid molecules etc). This provides unprecedented control, allowing engineering the thermal properties of materials from the ground up. He is also interested in developing novel optical and electronic techniques for the challenging task of measuring thermal properties in nanomaterials and devices. These techniques include femtosecond time and frequency domain thermoreflectance (TDTR, FDTR), CCD based thermal imaging (CCD-TR) and 3ω / resistance thermometry. He is interested in application areas include thermal barrier coatings, thermoelectric materials and devices, high power high frequency electronics, and thermal control of microphotonics.