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Principal Investigator

Prof. Martin Hegner

Professor of School of Physics
Trinity College Dublin
Pricipal Investigator - CRANN - The Naughton Institute
Phone: +353 1 8962285
Fax: + 353 1 8963037

Nanobiotechnology Research Office CRANN: #2.22
SPM-Cantilever Array Labs: #3.30, #3.29, #3.06
Tweezers Lab: #-2.21, int. phone -4605

Academic Experience

1989 Diploma ETH Zurich (Life Science; Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
1994 Ph.D ETH Zurich, (Life Science; Diss. ETH No. 10518, Topics: Posttranslational modifications at the rough ER membrane (Molecular Biology) and Biological Scanning Probe Microscopy (Biophysics))
1995 Research Associate, Group leader, CIBA fellowship @ University of Basel
1996-1997 Research Associate, Swiss NSF advanced Fellowship @ University of Oregon (USA)
1997-1999 Research Associate, HFSPO Fellowship @ University of Oregon and University of California, Berkeley (USA)
1999-2001 Research Associate, Group leader, Treubel Fonds; Swiss National Foundation (Life Science)
2001 Habilitation in Experimental Physics, University of Basel (completed Assistant Professor level)
2001 - 2007 Research Associate, Group leader, Swiss National Foundation (Life Science); NCCR Nanoscale Science; ELTEM REGIO coordinator of Nanotechnology; TopNano21 Functionalized Cantilever Arrays
2007 Professor at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


2004 Scientific Award of the State of Basel for achievements in Biophysical Sciences
2007 Stokes Award of Science Foundation Ireland
2011 Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Working Projects

  • Development of combined optical tweezers for simultaneous mechanical and optical spectroscopy , development of high spatial resolution optical tweezers
  • Nanomechanical cantilever array sensors (collaboration Hoffman-la-Roche, Lund University, Sweden, Swiss Tropical Institute Basel Switzerland, St. James Hospital,Dublin)
  • MEMS/NEMS integrated readout (collaboration M. Roukes, CalTech, Pasadena)
  • Single Bio-Molecule Mechanics
  • Molecular motors in Mitochondria (collaboration W. Voos, Uni Bonn)
  • Ribosomal Molecular Motors (collaboration G.Büldt, A. Katranidis, FZ Jülich)
  • Graphene sensors (G.Duesberg, TCD)
  • cMut sensing (collaboration with B. Pierre, T. Khuri-Yakub (Stanford) 2005-2009)
  • Dynamic Force Spectroscopy for Ligand/Receptor interactions and protein unfolding (1994-2003)

Keywords: Optical trapping, optical tweezers, laser tweezers, trapping, Scanning force microscopy, single molecule experiments, dynamic force spectroscopy, Multifunctional Cantilever Array Sensors, Biosensors

Editorial Boards, Review Panels

2007 BMC Journal of Nanobiotechnology; 2009 Sensors; 2013 Editor in Chief: EPJ – Tech. and Instr. (Springer)

Volkswagen Stiftung GER; National Science Foundation USA; Human Frontiers Science Organization; NSERC National Science&Engineering Counsil Canada; Belgium Research council; NOW Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research; Skolkovo Foundation, Moscow; Swiss National Science foundation; Swiss KTI/CTI Top Nano 21 committee; Welcome Trust foundation UK; The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Foundation L.A. USA

Former Addresses

The Bustamante Lab@UC Berkeley, CA; USA

National Center of Competence in 'Nanoscale Science'@ University of Basel, Switzerland