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I have published 20 first-author, senior refereed papers and co-authored another 23, totalling 43 refereed papers.

First-author Refereed Publications

  1. Early-time spectra of supernovae and their precursor winds
    Groh, J. H. 2014, A&A 572, 11
  2. The evolution of massive stars and their spectra I. A non-rotating 60 solar mass star
    Groh, J. H., Meynet, G., Ekstrom, S., and Georgy, C. 2014, A&A 564, 30
  3. Progenitors of SN Ibc: a WR star as the possible progenitor of the SN Ib iPTF13bvn
    Groh, J. H., Georgy, C., and Ekstrom, S. 2013c, A&A 558, L1
  4. Fundamental properties of core-collapse Supernova and GRB progenitors
    Groh, J. H., Meynet, G., Georgy, C., and Ekstrom, S. 2013b, A&A 558, 131
  5. Massive star evolution: LBVs as unexpected supernova progenitors
    Groh, J. H., Meynet, G., and Ekstrom, S. 2013a, A&A 550, L7
  6. A companion as the cause of latitude-dependent effects in the wind of Eta Carinae
    Groh, J. H., Madura, T. I., Hillier, D. J., Kruip, C. J., and Weigelt, G. 2012, ApJ 759, 2
  7. On the influence of the companion star in Eta Car: 2D radiative transfer modeling
    Groh, J. H., Hillier, D. J., Madura, T. I., and Weigelt, G. 2012, MNRAS 423, 1623
  8. Modeling the wind and photosphere of massive stars with the CMFGEN code
    Groh, J. H. 2011, JPhCS 328, 2020
  9. The bi-stability jump as the origin for multiple P-Cygni absorptions in LBVs
    Groh, J. H. and Vink, J. S 2011, A&A 531, 10
  10. On the nature of the prototype LBV AG Carinae II. Bistability and Eddington limits
    Groh, J. H., Hillier, D. J., Damineli, A. 2011, ApJ 736, 46
  11. Multi-wavelength diagnostics of massive binary interaction in Et arinae
    Groh, J. H. 2011, BSRL 80, 590
  12. Detection of high-velocity material from the wind-wind collision zone of Eta Carinae
    Groh, J. H., Nielsen, K. E., Damineli, A., et al. 2010, A&A, 517, 9
  13. Is Eta Carinae a fast rotator, and how much does the companion affect the wind?
    Groh, J. H., Madura, T. I., Owocki, S. P., Hillier, D. J., Weigelt, G., 2010, ApJ, 716, L223
  14. Bona-fide, strong-variable galactic LBVs stars are fast rotators: fast rotation in HR Car
    Groh, J. H., Damineli, A., Hillier, et al. 2009, ApJ, 705, L25
  15. On the nature of the prototype LBV AG Carinae I. Fundamental parameters during minimum phases and changes in the bolometric luminosity during the S-Dor cycle
    Groh, J. H., Hillier, D. J., Damineli, A., et al. 2009, ApJ, 698, 1698
  16. The qWR star HD 45166 II. Fundamental parameters and a latitude-dependent-wind
    Groh, J. H., Oliveira, A. S., Steiner, J. E. 2008, A&A, 485, 245
  17. Spectral atlas of massive stars around He I 10830 Angstrom
    Groh, J. H., Damineli, A., Jablonski, F. 2007, A&A, 465, 993
  18. Detection of additional Wolf-Rayet stars in the starburst cluster Wd 1 with SOAR
    Groh, J. H., Damineli, A., Teodoro, M., Barbosa, C. L. 2006, A&A, 457, 591
  19. AG Carinae: a luminous blue variable with a high rotational velocity
    Groh, J. H., Hillier, D. J., Damineli, A. 2006, ApJ, 638, L33
  20. Eta Carinae recovering from the 2003.5 spectroscopic event
    Groh, J. H. & Damineli, A. 2004, IBVS, 5492, 1

Co-Author Refereed Publications

  1. VLT/MUSE discovers a jet from the evolved B[e] star MWC 137
    Mehner, A., de Wit, W. J., Groh, J. H., Oudmaijer, R. D., Baade, D., Rivinius, T., Selman, F., Boffin, H. M. J., Martayan, C. 2016, A&A 585, 81
  2. Eta Carinae's Thermal X-Ray Tail Measured with XMM-Newton and NuSTAR
    Hamaguchi, K., Corcoran, M. F.; Gull, T. R.; Takahashi, H.; Grefenstette, B. W.; Yuasa, T., Stuhlinger, M., Russell, C. M. P., Moffat, A. F. J., Sharma, N., Madura, T. I., Richardson, N. D.; Groh, J. H., Pittard, J. M., Owocki, S. P. 2016, ApJ 817, 23
  3. He II λ4686 Emission from the Massive Binary System in Eta Car
    Teodoro, M. et al. (including Groh, J. H.), 2016 ApJ 819, 131
  4. Early Emission from the Type IIn Supernova 1998S at High Resolution
    Shivvers, I., Groh, J. H., Mauerhan, J. C., Fox, O. D., Leonard, D. C., Filippenko, A. V. 2015, ApJ 806, 213
  5. The impact of mass-loss on the evolution and pre-supernova properties of RSGs
    Meynet, G., Chomienne, V., Ekstrom, S., Georgy, C., Granada, A., Groh, J. H., Maeder, A., Eggenberger, P., Levesque, E., Massey, P. 2014, A&A 575, 60
  6. Confirmation of the Luminous Blue Variable Status of MWC 930
    Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Manset, N.; Zharikov, S. V.; Zsarg, J.; Jurez Jimenez, J. A.; Groh, J. H.; Levato, H.; Grosso, M.; Rudy, R. J.; Laag, E. A.; Crawford, K. B.; Puetter, R. C.; Reichart, D. E.; Ivarsen, K. M.; Haislip, J. B.; Nysewander, M. C.; LaCluyze, A. P. 2014, AdAST 2014, 7
  7. The three-dimensional structure of the Eta Carinae Homunculus
    Steffen, W., Teodoro, M., Madura, T. I., Groh, J. H., Gull, T. R., Mehner, A., Corcoran, M. F., Damineli, A., Hamaguchi, K. 2014. MNRAS 442, 3316
  8. The yellow hypergiant HR 5171 A: Resolving a massive interacting binary…
    Chesneau, O., Meilland, A., Chapellier, E., Millour, F., van Genderen, A. M., Naze, Y., Smith, N., Spang, A., Smoker, J. V., Dessart, L., Kanaan, S., Bendjoya, Ph., Feast, M. W., Groh, J. H., Lobel, A., Nardetto, N., Otero, S., Oudmaijer, R. D., Tekola, A. G., Whitelock, P. A., Arcos, C., Cure, M., Vanzi, L. 2014, A&A 563, 71
  9. Constraints on decreases in Eta Carinae’s mass loss from 3D hydrodynamic simulations
    Madura, T., Gull.T. R., Okazaki, A. T., Russell, C. M. P., Owocki, S. P., Groh, J. H., Corcoran, M. F., Hamaguchi, K., and Teodoro, M. 2013, MNRAS 436, 3820
  10. Modeling the asymmetric wind of the luminous blue variable binary MWC 314
    Lobel, A., Groh, J. H., Martayan, C., Fremat, Y., Torres Dozinel, K., Raskin, G., Van Winckel, H., Prins, S., Pessemier, W., Waelkens, C., Hensberge, H., Dumortier, L., Jorissen, A., Van Eck, S., Lehmann, H. 2013, A&A 559, 16
  11. Grids of stellar models with rotation - III. From 0.8 to 120 Msun at a metallicity Z = 0.002
    Georgy, C., Ekstrom, S., Eggenberger, P., Meynet, G., Haemmerle, L., Maeder, A., Granada, A., Groh, J. H., Hirschi, R., Mowlavi, N., Yusof, N., Charbonnel, C., Decressin, T., Barblan, F. 2013, A&A 558, 103
  12. Episodic modulations in supernova radio light curves from LBV SN progenitor models
    Moriya, T. J., Groh, J. H., and Meynet, G. 2013, A&A 557, L2
  13. A lighthouse effect in Eta Carinae
    Madura, T. and Groh, J. H. 2012, ApJ 746, L18
  14. Constraining the Absolute Orientation of Eta Carinae’s Binary Orbit: A 3-D Dynamical Model …
    Madura, T., Gull.T. R., Owocki, S. P., Groh, J. H., Okazaki, A. T., and Russell, C. M. P. 2012, MNRAS 420, 2064
  15. He II λ4686 in η Carinae: Collapse of the Wind-Wind Collision during Periastron Passage
    Teodoro, M., Damineli, A., Arias, J. I., de Arajo, F. X., Barb, R. H., Corcoran, M. F., Borges Fernandes, M., Fernndez-Lajs, E., Fraga, L., Gamen, R. C., Gonzlez, J. F., Groh, J. H., Marshall, J. L., McGregor, P. J., Morrell, N., Nicholls, D., Parkin, E. R., Pereira, C., Phillips, M., Solivella, G., Steiner, J. E., Stritzinger, M., Thompson, I., Torres, C. A. O., Torres, M. A. P., Zevallos Herencia, M. I. 2012, ApJ 746, 73
  16. Imaging with HST the time evolution of Eta Carinae’s colliding winds
    Gull, T. R., Madura, T. I., Groh, J. H., Corcoran, M. F. 2011, ApJ 746, 73
  17. VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry of the Herbig Be star MWC 297 with spectral resolution 12 000
    Weigelt, G., Grinin, V., Groh, J. H., Hofmann, K.-H., Kraus, S., Miroshnichenko, A. S., Schertl, D., Tambovtseva, L. V., Benisty, M., Driebe, T., Lagarde, S., Malbet, F., Meilland, A., Petrov, R., Tatulli, E. 2011, A&A,527, A103
  18. Resolving the asymmetric inner wind region of the yellow hypergiant IRC+10420 with VLTI
    Driebe, T., Groh, J. H., Hofmann, K.-H., Ohnaka, K., Kraus, S., Millour, F., Murakawa, K., Schertl, D., Weigelt, G., Petrov, R., Wittkowski, M., Hummel, C. A., Le Bouquin, J. B., Merand, A., Schller, M., Massi, F., Stee, P., Tatulli, E. 2009, A&A 507, 301
  19. VLTI/AMBER unveils a possible dusty pinwheel nebula in WR118
    Millour, F., Driebe, T., Chesneau, O., Groh, J. H., Hofmann, K.-H., Murakawa, K., Ohnaka, K., Schertl, D., Weigelt, G. 2009, A&A 507, 301
  20. High resolution spectroscopy for Cepheids distance determination. IV
    Nardetto, N., Groh, J. H., Kraus, S., Millour, F., Gillet, D. 2008, A&A 489, 1263
  21. Near-infrared integral field spectroscopy of the Homunculus nebula around Eta Carinae …
    Teodoro, M., Damineli, A., Sharp, R. G., Groh, J. H. & Barbosa, C. L. 2008 MNRAS 387, 564
  22. A multispectral view of the periodic events in Eta Carinae
    Damineli, A., Hillier, D. J., Corcoran, M. F., Stahl, O., Groh, J. H., Arias, J., Teodoro, M., Morrell, N., Gamen, R., Gonzalez, F., Leister, N. V., Levato, H., Levenhagen, R. S., Grosso, M., Colombo, J. F. Albacete, Wallerstein, G. 2008, MNRAS 386, 2330
  23. The periodicity of the Eta Carinae events
    Damineli, A., Hillier, D. J., Corcoran, M. F., Stahl, O., Levenhagen,R., Leister, N., Groh, J. H., Teodoro, M., Albacete Colombo, J. F., Gonzalez, F., Arias, J., Levato, H., Grosso, M., Morrell, N., Gamen, R., Wallerstein, G., Niemela, V. 2008, MNRAS 384, 1649