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Supernovae and Stellar Evolution Group

Our scientific interests concern the physical processes responsible for how stars evolve, die, and affect the Universe. My group produces leading research in the field of stellar evolution and explosions, with unique expertise in both theoretical and observational aspects of stars, atmospheres, and supernovae. The research of my group spans a large breadth of topics such as stellar evolution, stellar populations, supernova progenitors, luminous blue variables, and the nature of the first stars in the Universe. For addressing these scientific topics, my group develops unique numerical stellar evolution and radiative transfer models, in addition to leading and being involved in observational efforts to investigate stars and supernovae using major telescopes.

Prof. Jose Groh

Director of Astrophysics and Tenured Assistant Professor
Twitter: @GrohnUp

Group Members:

  • Prof Jose Groh (Principal Investigator)
  • Ioana Boian (PhD Student)
  • Laura Murphy (PhD Student)
  • Eoin Farrell (PhD Student)
  • Andrew Allan (PhD Student)
  • Michael Doohan (Undergrad)
  • Sean McEntee (Undergrad)