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Former Group Members (Hutzler)


  • Finn MacLeod, Numerical studies in bubbles and grains, 2002.
  • Aengus Martin, The viscous froth model, 2004.
  • Guizhi Wang, Forced foam drainage in two dimensions, 2005.


  • Gary Delaney, Computational studies of the structure and dynamics of packing of bubbles and grains, 2006.
  • Antje van der Net, Generation, characterisation and solidification of crystalline microfoams, 2008.
  • Ricardo Coelho, Applications of statistical physics to economics: distributions of wealth and correlations of financial data, 2008.
  • Joseph D. Barry, Simulations of the structure and rheology of foams, 2010.
  • Stephen J. Hardiman, Statistical Studies of On-line Complex Systems: A Social Network and a Betting Exchange, 2011.
  • Aaron J. Meagher, The structure of monodisperse foam, 2012.
  • Steven T. Tobin, Studies of Foam Drainage and Stability, 2013.
  • Michael B. Sexton: The complex dynamics of flowing foam, 2014.
  • Robert Murtagh: Analytical Models of Single Bubbles and Foams, 2016.
  • David Whyte: Simulation and Analysis of Foam Structure, 2016.

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Nicolas Peron 2003–4
  • Qicheng Sun 2003–05
  • Przemek Repetowicz 2004–06
  • Eric Janiaud 2005–06
  • Vincent Carrier 2006–07
  • Mohammad Saadatfar 2006–09
  • Ho-Kei Chan 2009–12