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PhD Candidate

Mr. Mícheál Howard

School of Physics
Trinity College Dublin

Mícheál Howard was born in Cork, Ireland. He received his Batchelor's degree in Education of Physics and Chemistry from the University of Limerick in 2014. In early 2015, he commenced his PhD also at the University of Limerick under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Dooley. Presently, Mícheál divides his time in conducting research at both the University of Limerick and Trinity College Dublin.

Mícheál's work centres on understanding and manipulating the mechanism and kinetics on the chemical reaction required to synthesize biofuels from waste lignocellulose (plant matter). Mícheál also investigates how to use reaction kinetic to formulate biofuels to have prescribed combustion properties.

Research Interests

Reaction engineering, chemical reaction kinetics, production renewable chemicals and biofuels.

Research Skills

Reactor design, chemical analysis (CG, HPLC, MS, FTIR), kinetic modelling & model reduction (Matlab, Chemkin)

About Andrew

In his spare time Mícheál enjoys playing Junior B football, hiking, travelling and partaking in various water sports on the west coast of Ireland.