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22 February
Welcome to Edward Linscott who is paying us a collaborative visit from Cambridge.

21 February
Well done to Karaca on the submission of his first paper.

11 January
We are pleased and grateful with the award of a 700,000 CPU-hour ICHEC HPC project allocation today.

16th December
Congratulations to Glenn on the publication of his first first-author publication today in Phys. Rev. B Rapid Communications.

14th December
Many thanks to our final year project students Sarah and Sean for their enthusiasm and effort this term.

20th October
Glenn is presenting at the 'What about U’ conference today at the ICTP, Trieste, Italy.

19th September
David is presenting at the 21st ETSF Workshop on Electronic Excitations in Lund, Sweden.

7th September
Welcome to Emiliano Poli who is paying us a collaborative visit from Liverpool.

26th August
Glenn’s new article on self-interaction error is on the arXiv.

18th August
David’s new article with Emilio Artacho on the parallel transport of quantum states is on the arXiv.

16th August
Glenn’s "A Statistical Analysis of the CAO Points System” is online. 

14th August
Anais is presenting a poster at the CAMD Summer School, Denmark.

28th July
David’s detailed article on cDFT has been published in Phys. Rev B.

1st April
Congratulations to our collaborator David Turban, University of Warwick, on our new publication in Phys. Rev. B.

14th March
Glenn and David have arrived to Baltimore, MD to present at the APS March meeting.

10th March
David’s new article on cDFT with Dr. Gilberto Teobaldi, University of Liverpool, has appeared on the arXiv.

1st March
Welcome to Anais Colibaba who arrives to start her PhD studies with Prof. Stefano Sanvito and David.

1st March
It is a pleasure to welcome Kaifeng Niu of Soochow University, China to our team for a research project.

15th February
Alessandro has passed his PhD viva at the Universitá di Firenze. Auguri!

1st February
Welcome to Alessandro Lunghi, who arrives as a Research Fellow.

13th January
David, Karaca and Glenn enjoyed presenting at the Irish Atomistic Simulators Meeting, UCD.

18th December
Thanks to Mark, Fiona, and Thomas for all their hard work and enthusiasm this term.

12th November
Glenn is back from another very busy visit to the Teobaldi Group at the University of Liverpool.

22nd October
Congratulations to Karaca on passing his PhD transfer interview and review today. Very well deserved!

16th October
Congratulations to Glenn and our collaborators on the first publication of his PhD, in Nature Communications.

28th September
Welcome to the team Mark, Fiona and Thomas ! Looking forward to making some interesting new discoveries this term.

28th September
Thanks to Anne Marie for her excellent work and contribution this summer.

30th July
A great day at TCD School of Physics having won our first Athena SWAN award for recognition of gender equality initiatives. Congratulations all round!

24th July
Linda enjoyed attending a very friendly, interesting 20th anniversary symposium (congratulations!) at the Atomistic Simulation Centre at QUB.

11th July
Congratulations to the TCM/SST group at the Cavendish Laboratory on their 60th anniversary. David enjoyed attending the anniversary symposium and catching up with friends currently and formerly at TCM.