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Group Members

Okan Karaca Orhan

PhD student


Karaca joined the O'Regan group as a postgraduate student in March 2014 after completing his BS and MSc degrees in the Department of Physics at the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. He also completed a minor degree in Philosophy of Science and Logic in the Department of Philosophy.

Current research

Karaca is currently working on the inclusion of many-body effects in the calculation of optical properties of transition metal systems, particularly coordination complexes and noble-metal alloys, from first-principles. A particular focus of Karaca’s research is development within the linearscaling, linear-response formulation of time-dependent density-functional theory (TDDFT), where he works on density functionals and kernels beyond conventional DFT. On the other hand, Karaca makes routine use of many-body perturbation theory within the GW approximation, using a number of software packages, where the influence of explicit spin-orbit coupling is being assessed in selected systems.

Research interests

Corrective approaches for approximate Linear-response TDDFT
Linear-scaling DFT, its extensions and software development
Spin-orbit coupling and non-local correlation within MBPT