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Group Members

Glenn Moynihan

PhD student

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Twitter: @GlennMoynihan
Github: glennmoy
Google Scholar: Glenn Moynihan


Glenn graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2013 with a First Class Honours degree in Theoretical Physics, with the title of Scholar, after which he joined the O'Regan group as a postgraduate student.

Current Research

Glenn works as part of the AMBER program, funded by SFI and based in the School of Physics and CRANN at TCD. Glenn’s research involves the development of novel approaches in density-functional theory (DFT) to simulate materials with highly correlated electron interactions, with an emphasis on the study of technologically important low-dimensional materials in that category. One aspect of this work is theory and code development in the ONETEP code. As part of this research, Glenn collaborates extensively with colleagues in CRANN and at the University of Liverpool.

Research Interests

Mechanical and electronic properties of low-dimensional materials
Corrective methods for self-interaction error in approximate DFT
Linear-scaling methods and software development

Dissemination, Collaboration and Outreach Activities

Last 6 months

  • Currently a primary school tutor for STEAM teaching a 25 week science course.
  • Presented my work on corrective methods for self-interaction error in DFT+U at the APS March Meeting, Baltimore 2016
  • Poster on mechanical properties of phosphorene and arsene at Irish Atomistic Simulators Meeting UCD 2016
  • Volunteered at BT Young Scientist CRANN stand 2016
  • First publication in Nature Communications October 2015

Last 12 months

  • Poster at Psi-k Meeting San Sebastian 2015
  • Poster at ETSF Young Researcher's Meeting Paris 2015
  • Poster at ICTP Total Energy and Force Methods Trieste 2015
  • Volunteered at BT Young Scientist SFI stand 2015
  • Smart Futures volunteer

Last 2 years

  • Transition Year Physics Experience volunteer 2014
  • Poster at HERMES conference Cumberland Lodge 2014
  • Poster at Flatlands conference TCD 2014
  • Poster at IASM Conference QUB 2014
  • Poster at ETSF Young Researcher's Meeting Rome 2014
  • Three visits to Liverpool to collaborate with Gilberto
  • Two ONETEP coding retreats

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