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Group Members

Principal Investigator

Dr David D. O'Regan

Assistant Professor
School of Physics
Trinity College Dublin
Phone: +353 1896 3138

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Group Members

Glenn Moynihan

PhD Student

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Okan Karaca Orhan

PhD Student

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Prof. Alessandro Lunghi (Assistant Professor and ERC StG awardee, Trinity College Dublin)

Kaifeng Niu, (Visiting Student, Soochow University)

Dr Linda A. Zotti (Research Fellow, now at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Anne Marie Delaney (UG 2015, angular momentum and virial theorems)

Thomas Wyse Jackson (UG 2015, DFT+U+J calculations)

Fiona McCarthy (UG 2015, DFT+U for coordination complexes)

Mark McGrath (UG 2015, geometry optimisation using DFT+U)

Eamonn O’Shea (UG 2014, electric circular dichroism)

Cillian Dickson (UG 2014, cut off Coulomb method)

Liam Hallinan (UG 2014, the GW approach)

Edgar Engel (UG 2012, colour centres in diamond)