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Group Members

Luke Higgins



Luke has always enjoyed studying physics & learning new things. He graduated with a B.A. in Physics at Trinity College Dublin in 2011.

Research Interests

Luke's research interest is focused on investigating plasmon-enhanced nonradiative energy transfer in hybrid quantum well-quantum dot systems, with a view to producing more efficient light emitting devices.

Publications and Conferences

“Carrier density dependence of plasmon-enhanced nonradiative energy transfer in a hybrid quantum well – quantum dot structure”, L.J. Higgins et al., Optics Express 23, 228319 (2015).

“Plasmon enhanced non-radiative energy transfer in a hybrid quantum well structure”, awaiting publication, ICTON 2015, July 5th – 9th 2015, Budapest, Hungary. (Invited Talk)

“Plasmon-enhanced nonradiative energy transfer in a hybrid quantum well-quantum dot system”, L.J. Higgins, V.D. Karanikolas, C.A. Marocico, A.P. Bell, P.J. Parbrook and A.L. Bradley. NanoMeta 2015, 5th-8th January 2015, Seefeld, Austria. (Poster Presentation)

“Metal nanoparticle arrays for enhanced light-matter interactions”, L. Higgins, J. Gough, G. Murphy, V. Karanikolas, V.A. Gererd, C. Hanley, Y. K. Gun’ko and A.L. Bradley, NanoNET, Trinity College Dublin, September 17th – 19th 2012. (Poster Presentation)