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Graham was awarded a B.A. in Physics from TCD in 2011 after completely an undergraduate research project with the Photonics Group.

Research Interests

Graham's research interest is focused on investigating plasmonic enhancement of quantum well/quantum dot emission and energy transfer with a view to increase the efficiency of white LEDs. This involves modelling, fabrication and characterisation of different plasmonic nanostructures using different metal nanoparticles in a hybrid semiconductor quantum well/quantum dot structure.

Publications and Conferences

"Hybrid QW structures with colloidal QDs and metal nanoparticles (Poster)", Graham P. Murphy , Valerie A. Gerard, Yurii K. Gun’ko, Peter J. Parbrook , Thomas Sadler, Vladimir Lesnyak, Nikolai Gaponik, Andrei S. Susha, Andrey L. Rogach, A. Louise Bradley., Nanoweek Conference, CRANN, Trinity College Dublin September 17th and 18th 2012.

"Plasmon-Enhanced Non-Radiative Energy Transfer in a Hybrid Quantum Well Structure", L.J. Higgins, V.D. Karanikolas, G.P. Murphy, X. Zhang, C.A. Marocico, P.J. Parbrook and A.L. Bradley., Awaiting publication, ICTON 2015.