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Carbon Power


An invention for the preparation of semi-permeable membranes which can be used as pressure-retarded osmosis membranes in salinity power generation.

Main Information

The feasibility of using these was tested using an osmosis test rig where the hydrostatic pressures generated from the test-rig were compared for each type of membrane. The environmental stability was also tested by investigating any damage caused to the membranes. In addition the conductivities of the samples were measured to be in the range 0.001 – 0.32S.

The morphology and pore size of the membranes was investigated by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and the porosity of the membranes was measured using Archimedes principal. The porosity of the CNT and graphene bucky papers varied from 5% to 19%, with pore sizes between 18 nm and 2 um. The cellulose acetate/CNT composite membranes had pore sizes of about 80 – 100 nm and about 90% porosity.

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