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Principal Investigator

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Research Interests

Prof Igor Shvets' research interests include the surface and magnetic properties of oxides, scanning tunnelling microscopy (both ambient and low temperature), materials for cleaner energy generation, self-assembly of nanostructures and advanced materials for IT and renewable energy purposes, polarons on oxide surfaces and oxide nano-templates. Prof Shvets is also interested in magnetic oxides and their applications for spin electronics, which may become a key technology in the future for IT development.


In 1986 Prof. Shvets graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He obtained his PhD in 1989 and came to Ireland in 1990 where he has been working in the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, first as Lecturer, then as Associate Professor, then from 2007 as Professor of Applied Physics. He became the Head of the School of Physics nn July 2014.

Entrepreneurial Activities

Prof Shvets has successfully spun out three export-orientated high tech campus companies, Deerac Fluidics (now acquired by Labcyte, Cellix Ltd. and Miravex. Work is currently underway on what will hopefully become the fourth company to spin out from the group.